A Spin with the Sapphires

Ride the ‘Rollercoaster’ with the new color guard!


Freshman Caroline Stahl and Leah Mader doing a mover called a ‘Toliet Bowl’ in the first performance of the season. Photo courtesy of Michele Gress.

Macy Vance, Copy Editor

The band is back and better than ever, this year accompanied by the new Sapphires Color Guard. The last time the color guard made an appearance was back in 2010, and they are making their return with the Saints Brigade, who is marching again after a 2 year hiatus. The Sapphires are incorporated into the halftime show, and they march and flag with the music of the band.

Cheerful Captain
Cheerful Captain Senior Leah Tarwater enters the field with a flag and a smile. Photo courtesy of Michele Gress.

There are 7 Sapphires this first year back, including three seniors: Captain Leah Tarwater, Lauren Dickinson, and Macy Vance. They started preparing and learning this new trade last spring, and the whole team attended the 2 week band camp in the summer. 

The Sapphires and Saints Brigade will engage in 4 performances, with the first one already under their belts. They performed the number “Eleanor Rigby” on the opening football game on September 2, 2022. Their next appearance is this week, before the Homecoming football game on September 23. Along with the Saints Brigade, the Sapphires are adding the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles to their performance. Catch them in action throughout the season at home football games!

The Sapphires color guard is coached by Taberie Kramer, a K-State color guard alumnus. She has taught the squad every move, and the team appreciates her guidance and support! The Sapphires and the Saints Brigade get the opportunity to compete at Kramer’s alma mater in October, as well as Baker University. 

The band and color guard are all excited to be marching again on the field, so be sure to catch their Beatles-themed show this fall!