Community Spotlight: Thomas Johannes

Many students within the Aquinas community know of student Thomas Johannes. However, few really know about him and his life outside of school.


Ethan Young

Senior student Thomas Johannes pictured smiling in the hallway during Homecoming week.

Ethan Young, Reporter

Everyone has a story that deserves to be heard. However, for high school students, it can be especially challenging to get to know every single person in a school community over four years. Within the Aquinas community especially, there are very many people who tend to be overlooked or less recognized than other students. By having a spotlight for these students, teachers, and faculty members, The Shield seeks to feature in hopes of being able to bring Aquinas together a little bit more than it already does. 

Thomas Johannes, a senior in the class of 2023, can always be met with a smiling face and a positive attitude about the day ahead.  During the winter season, Thomas is a manager for the boys basketball program, where he is hoping to get more involved this upcoming season. “I’m hoping that I can step up in the assistant coaching position and go beyond managing. I feel I can make an impact this year and help get some wins,” says Johannes. Do not be mistaken, however, as basketball isn’t the only thing that Thomas enjoys about Aquinas. Being a senior this year, there’s a lot of open space for fun electives. Thomas uses this opportunity to participate in his favorite class, weights, allowing him to exercise alongside some of his friends and fellow classmates. All in all, Aquinas has been a place where Thomas feels like he truly belongs. “The people and teachers, they’re all amazing and friendly and I just love each and every one of them,” says the senior when asked about the community. However, while many students know of Thomas and his life inside Aquinas walls, few truly know about who he is and what his life is like outside of school. 

Like most teenagers, Thomas is busy with all that he juggles in a week. When he’s not in school or working, you can find him golfing, working out, or spending time with his family. Being a senior this year, he understands the importance of embracing the moment with the time he has left in high school. He notes that “It’s the last time I’ll get to see these guys and do some of the things I do today, so I really just have to soak it all in one day at a time”. But life doesn’t stop for Thomas after graduation, as he has bigger plans for the future. He’s looking to attend college next fall and would love to be able to study in California, where he plans to coach and major in exercise science or sports management 

To his family, friends, and senior classmates, Thomas never fails to make the people he loves the most smile. He is ambitious and goal-driven, while also remaining family-oriented and incredibly humble. If you see Thomas while walking through the halls, be sure to interact with him as it will only make your day better. He truly is one of a kind and a great embodiment of a Saint, and the Aquinas community has been blessed to have him for the past four years.