Will you be the Larry Daley to my Amelia Earhart?


Newspaper staff as characters in “Night at the Museum” represent the theme of 2022 Homecoming, “Night at the STA Museum.”

Lauren Dickinson, Reporter

With Homecoming right around the corner, many questions are coming up, such as, “Who am I going to go with?” and “How am I going to ask them?” One might think that it’s too much to ask someone with balloons and confetti, but it’s not enough to ask over a text. So, here are some creative suggestions to ask someone to a dance. 

When in doubt, ask with a sign. Nothing is better than a classic sign even if it is simple. Senior Brayden Bryer asked senior Mary Kate Phelan with a bowling themed sign. The sign was placed in his trunk, and he asked Mary Kate to open the trunk to reveal the sign. The sign reads, “You are adoraBOWL and right up my ALLEY!” Brayden made this sign with a bowling pun as Mary Kate is on the bowling team. It didn’t take but a split second for Mary Kate to say yes!

Seniors Mary Kate Phelan and Brayden Bryer after the proposal. (Ashley Bendorf )

English teacher Claire Smeltzer shared her memories of asking a boy to Sadies (Bishop Miege’s version of Women Pay All). Instead of a sign, she got inventive. At her school, there were seven classes in the day. She then used seven candy bars and wrote one word on each of them to write out: “Will you go to Sadies with me?” These candy bars were handed to him by each of his teachers with the final one being handed to him by Miss Smeltzer. This ask would require more planning, and cause some minor embarrassment, but it sure is a sweet way to ask someone to HOCO. 

Sophie Ojile, another English teacher, went to an all-girls high school in St. Louis. Although they didn’t have a Homecoming, they did have a Prom. One of her close friends, Stephen, decided that he was going to ask her. Stephen’s family owned a coffee shop called More Than Coffee which employed people with mental and physical disabilities. He worked there to assist the employees, and with their help, he baked a cake that read, “Prom?” This simple yet sweet proposal was special because of the thought that Stephen put into it. 


These three proposals are all great examples of how to get creative when asking someone to Homecoming. However, they also show that you don’t need to go all out and make a big scene to ask someone. Think of something that is special to you, like baking a cake, or special to the person you are asking, like bowling puns. Proposals don’t need to be memorable because they were big, instead they should be memorable because they were special.