Why Should I Vote?

The reason why every vote matters.


Nikon Corporation (Unsplash))

A sticker is given to people to show that they voted.

Mitchell Thompson, Reporter

As people grow older, they have to start thinking about future decisions. The students here at Aquinas are no different. Many of the seniors are 18, or very close to it, so they have to start thinking about voting. It is very important to vote because you have a chance to make a change in the country to how you see fit. 


But why should you vote if you are only one voice out of millions? This is an argument many people use to not vote. How could one person really change an election? Well, one person can’t, but a group of people can. If everyone who said they had no reason to vote decided to put in their ballot, that could easily be a deciding factor in an election. Three-fourths of the country voted to give women the right to vote, despite all of the voters being men. They believed in the cause, and thanks to them stepping up, they were able to pass the 19th Amendment. Alternatively, what if everyone said their voice doesn’t matter? Nothing would get done, and the country would rest on a small minority of people who care. Your voice matters, for you are a vital part of changing this country’s future. 


Voting is the backbone of any democratic country. Even if we have a large and balanced government, it is necessary for the people of the country to be able to voice their concerns. No matter how insignificant your vote may seem, there are many people who support the same cause as you. Your voice is important to your future and the future of others, so go out there and make the change you want to see in the world by voting.