Getting to Know Mo

Learn more about Mo’s life outside of Aquinas.


Mathias Glickley

You can stop and say hello to Mo at lunch!

Mathias Glickley, Reporter

The greatest Aquinas staff member: Morris Lee is more affectionately known as Mo. Students can find him in the commons at lunch leaning back in his chair or strolling down the halls with his cart. He is sure to bring everyone he sees a smile.  Some background on Mo is that he was born in the projects of west Chicago. In high school, he played basketball and baseball. He graduated from high school in 1979. He loves the city of Chicago and said that if he could travel anywhere in the world it would be back to Chicago.

Mo became the man that students know and love today when he was hired in 2001.  When asked what he loved most about Aquinas, he replied, “I love the atmosphere and I love to go to all of the games and tailgate.”  Outside of school, Mo likes to travel to Six Flags, ride the metro in Chicago and watch Cubs games.  One of his favorite things to do is help referee volleyball games.  Next Tuesday marks a very special day for him as it is his 21st year at Aquinas. Please make sure to try to bring him either Snickers, Payday, or Hershey’s to thank him for all he does at Aquinas.  When asked about his plans for future retirement, he said, “I want to officially retire on my birthday, June 1st, 2025, and also that he wants to go out with the senior class with a cap and gown.”  While throwing away trash at lunch, make sure to thank him for all that he does at Aquinas.