All Hallows Eve

The spookiest time of year is here! Read to learn the best Halloween treats, costumes, fun facts and places to visit in Kansas City!

Katie Stegeman, Reporter

With October finally here, Halloween will also soon be right around the corner. Jack-O-Lanterns, spooky decorations, and fun costumes help make Halloween a favorite holiday by many. But how did these seemingly strange yet unique traditions come to be a single holiday?
Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic holiday called Samhain, in which people would dress up in costumes and have bonfires to scare away ghosts whom they believed returned home for the day. This tradition was meant to signify the end of the summer harvest and the beginning of the winter. Centuries later when the Roman Empire’s Christianity overtook Celtic territory, an attempt to replace the Celtic holiday took place by enforcing “All Saints Day” on November 1st. The night before All Saints Day was first named All-Hallomas, evolving to All Hallows Eve, and then finally becoming Halloween.
Students at St. Thomas Aquinas look forward to Halloween, with excitement about treats, creative costumes, and Halloween parties. The popular topic of Halloween costumes has come up, bringing conversations about what the best costume is. Students are already purchasing or creating their costumes in the anticipation of October. Halloween costumes allow students to maximize their creativity to have the very best costume.

Photo courtesy of The Kansas City Star

Some Aquinas students’ favorite Halloween holiday events are the Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun, and “The Beast” and “The Edge of Hell” haunted houses. These locations would be perfect for students that enjoy the thrill of fear. Both of these events will take place on weekends the entire month of October, tickets are available now!
Halloween 2022 will take place on Monday, October 31. Halloween will be one of America’s biggest holiday spends of the year, with Americans spending an estimated 10.14 billion. Americans bypass the rest of the world in the amount of money spent on costumes, decorations, and candy. Halloween has evolved to be celebrated with the rest of the world as well!


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