It’s Futbol time

The biggest soccer event coming to Qatar.


The World Cup Trophy

Mathias Glickley, Reporter

Get ready for the second-most-watched sports event in the world.  Of course, this would be the Fifa World Cup for soccer.  This event averages 3.3 billion views each time it happens, which is every four years.  Happening this year, the event is being held across eight different stadiums in Qatar.  It is the last year that the tournament features thirty-two teams before it switches forty-eight teams for the next World Cup.  A fun fact about this World Cup that makes it one of a kind is that it is the first World Cup to be in the fall.  Every other World Cup has been from June to July, however, with it being in Qatar, it would be almost 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so there was no other choice than to have it in November. 

There are many very exciting teams being featured in this tournament.  France, the returning champs, is one of the teams expected to go far in the tournament along with England, Belgium, and Brazil all having all-around stacked rosters.  This is also very exciting for Americans as the U.S.A. returns after missing out on the 2018 World Cup because they lost to Trinidad and Tobago in the last game of qualification.  The brackets for the World Cup are decided by a draw.  The most exciting bracket is the bracket of USA, England, Iran, and Wales, as every team in this bracket has a real chance of advancing.  The next rounds work by having the top two teams advance, then, Group A team one plays Group B team two and vice versa. 

This World Cup is bittersweet, however, because many soccer legends will be playing their last World Cup.  Some of these include Cristiano Ronaldo a.k.a. the goat because he has scored the most goals of all time and his numbers are still going up. Lionel Messi, who has won the most Ballon D’ors, which is the award for best player of the year.  Lastly, Neymar jr., who for the last ten years has been the third-best player in the world only behind Messi and Ronaldo.  Overall, this is most certainly not an event anyone will be wanting to miss.