It only takes a few second to lose your chance at winning $700.


Connor Murray betrayed and killed by Tyler Alexander

Ally Sarver, Reporter

Senior year is easily the most exciting of someone’s high school years. From orientation, more electives, and graduation, many students eagerly await their senior year to finally participate in all of these fun activities. But one of the most exciting things seniors can participate in isn’t run by the school itself and doesn’t take place in the walls of Aquinas: senior assassins. Assassins is a game that revolves around water guns. The game is simple: you pay to get in and you get a target you need to get within two weeks while avoiding getting shot by the assassin looking for you. But this game has much more to it than meets the eye. A three-page list was sent out to seniors playing the game with detailed do’s and don’ts spelled out to avoid confusion.

Each day, the game begins at 6:30, pauses at 7:30 until 3:30 (keeping school hours out of the picture), and then pauses at 11:30 each night. Students are unable to trespass on someone’s property, meaning they aren’t allowed in homes, cars, or garages uninvited, and if asked to leave by a parent or guardian, they must abide. Violations of these rules can lead to disqualifications of participants. To prove a kill took place, a picture needs to be sent to Instagram (@staseniorassassins23), where

Grace Kelley steaks out Will Rost’s house and snipes him, taking him out of the game.

it will be posted along with other updates. There are also rules regarding immunity, stating that if someone’s target shoots the assassin before the assassin can get them out, the target has 1-hour immunity to their assassin. School is off limits, but other than that and homes, the rest is free games. To get an event passed as a “no shoot zone”, they must send a claim to the seniors running it and get it approved in advance. 

Seniors Lauren Dickenson and Lindsey Whorley volunteered to run the game but didn’t realize the workload needed to be put into it. Along with assigning each person their target and making sure to keep it confidential, they also had to set the rules, run the Instagram, and make tough decisions when it comes to uncertainty in rules. Dickenson reports that the most difficult part of running this has been “keeping up with questions and text messages from players,” and how the unwanted drama has been unexpected. 

In an attempt to get her target, Olivia Cadenas gets tricked and shot, eliminating her from the game.

The first kill of this game was taken by Marie Thomas, who shot her target, Mary Whiteside, before school on the first day, October 17. As of the first round, three students are tied for most kills with two kills with no hints as to who will take the most kills prize yet. This year, many students have been “paid off” by their assassins to get shot out on purpose. Alliances are formed and betrayed daily, and no one is safe. Round two is beginning so new targets have been sent out. Around 52 students remain in the game, and the competition stiffens. Who will walk away with $700, and who will get assassinated?