Teacher X Business Owner

There’s more to Mr. Curran than just being an Aquinas teacher.


Chris Daughtry

Selena Gomez, Paul Rudd, Mr. Curran

Mathias Glickley, Reporter

Mr. Brendan Curran is a man of many skills as he is not only a great Aquinas teacher but also the owner of a T-Shirt company that is all about showing what KC has to offer.  However, his love for Kansas didn’t start right away.  Curran was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is where he gets his love for the Packers and the Bucks. He moved to Kansas in 1984 and went to Shawnee Misson West, where he met long-time friend and actor Jason Sudekis.  They first played each other in 8th-grade basketball and were teammates the next year at SMW.  They have been on many adventures together that have led to Curran meeting some other celebrities.  Two of the most notable celebs are Selena Gomez and Paul Rudd as he met them at a party where a magician was doing a magic trick with Selena. Overall, this 30-year relationship has brought Curran not only a true friendship but also some incredible experiences!  

At St. Thomas Aquinas, Curran is a statistics teacher, assistant athletic director, and the boy’s JV basketball coach.  He says that even though this takes a good chunk of time, he rarely struggles to balance time between this and his t-shirt business, ThreeKC. Curran got the idea to start it while playing around with logos and designs in DCA (Digital Creative Applications).  He wanted a way to highlight all of the greatest parts of KC such as the Chiefs, Royals, and – of course – the top-notch BBQ.  He has had incredible success with this as many KC natives proudly sport his merchandise and various famous people also own his shirts.  Some of these people include Jason Sudekis, Cristo Fernandez, an actor in Ted Lasso, Jen Hatmaker (who is also an actor), and world-famous cross-country coach Justin Wrigley.  This business has been a great success for Mr. Curran, and he plans on continuing it along with teaching.