Eat Your Veggies!

What is World Vegan Day?

Emma Keenan, Reporter

All Saints Day is a universal beginning to the month of November, but November 1st has some “competition”: World Vegan Day. This holiday has been an annual occurrence since 1994. Its tradition continues to persevere despite the meat lovers of the world. 

With increasing awareness for animals, humans, and the environment, World Vegan day began. With time, these topics have become more of a pressing, societal issue. This holiday is not just applicable to the one percent of the human population who choose not to eat steak, eggs, or ice cream, but rather, to all who support the well-being of Earth and all of its inhabitants, regardless if you eat animal products or not. 

Kane Richardson, an Australian cricket player and vegan, commemorates this holiday while recalling jokes from his fellow players, “Some guys used to go, ‘If you get hungry, are you going to start eating the grass?’” Smiling, Richardson rebukes this sentiment, saying, “Some people do still think that’s how the diet is, so it’s funny when you can explain it to them and say no, there’s a whole lot more that’s available now, and it’s probably getting easier every day.” 

The vegan diet has become more accessible and popular through a variety of new food options and animal product substitutions. While the majority of people are not fully vegan, there is a decreasing intake of meat amongst populations and an increase in fruits and vegetables, which is both beneficial to personal health and the environment as a whole. 

You don’t have to be vegan or cut meat from your diet to still participate in this holiday. Ultimately, World Vegan Day began to bolster support and recognition for the environment and to increase “conscious eating” of what we are putting into our bodies and in turn, what we are putting out to the world, to be aware of the singular impact we as individuals have. 

So next November 1st, when you’re celebrating All Saints Day, while eating your steak or chicken or eggs, add a salad on the side and remember the “fruits” of our planet Earth. 

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