New Classes at STA?

Seniors present new class ideas to teachers and administrators!

Trevor Obershaw, Reporter

Underwater basket weaving class anyone? While that idea is 100% ridiculous, what isn’t ridiculous is an entrepreneurship class! This is just one of many classes being proposed by senior English students to panels of teachers and administrators. Why are they doing this? It’s for a grade obviously! Okay, not just for a grade: it’s also to propose legitimate new class ideas that will teach and engage students in fun new ways. Not only are these students proposing new class ideas, but they are also suggesting ideas to enhance our school such as revamping our commons. Some of their ideas include repainting the walls and restaining the concrete floor. Not only will these renovations look nice, but they might also spark more interest in using the commons.

Personally, I am proposing an emergency medical responder class. This class teaches basic first aid in situations where you might be first on the scene. Many students at Aquinas would like to be doctors, nurses, or work somewhere in the healthcare field. This is a great introduction into what they might encounter. I am very passionate about taking care of people because you never know when someone could need your help. Other people are proposing ideas they are passionate about too. People who frequently listen to and create music proposed a music theory class, and people who frequently work on their cars and love the classics proposed an auto mechanic class.

There are many great ideas being presented, and I would know because I have listened to five of them already. I am excited to see what classes the administration will take into consideration and implement. I am also excited to see what changes will be made to enhance Aquinas such as the commons. Stay tuned because exciting things might come out of this!