CYO Basketball

Rec basketball for area catholic schools.

Trevor Obershaw, Reporter

Dribble, dribble, dribble, shot! The shot’s from three and they get the bucket at the buzzer! You can see all of this action at any high school CYO basketball game, but peak excitement will be at the CYO Gina Rousselo basketball showdown. CYO basketball is for all those who were unable to play regular high school basketball or just want to have some fun. CYO basketball is the rec league for area catholic schools to face off in and have some fun.

To be involved in CYO basketball, you must follow these steps. First, you must get a team with at least five people and one coach that is over the age of twenty-one. Then, all of your teammates and the coach must sign up on the CYO website. On the website, you are able to enter jersey numbers for all members of the team, provide a team name, and pay the required fee. The CYO also requires you to wear a CYO approved uniform. You must order and wear this uniform otherwise you will not be allowed to play. Once all this has been completed, CYO will come out with the bracket and you will be able to see when and where you play. Usually, games are held in the surrounding catholic school gyms and other auxiliary facilities. You must be on time and have a coach over the age of twenty-one on the bench with you. Then the rest is history you can tip off and go hard in the paint!

The CYO Gina Rousselo basketball showdown is specifically held at Saint Thomas Aquinas for all Saint Thomas Aquinas CYO basketball teams to play against each other. This is a fun and exciting showdown with a single period and a ten-minute running clock. It is fast-paced and weeds out the good from the bad. Those teams that do well will advance into the finals and face off in the final match to see who is the best CYO basketball team at Aquinas. While the games are being played music is pumped through speakers to get the players and fans pumped up. Seniors that are on the Aquinas varsity basketball team ref the games so there are sure to be missed and absurd calls. It is sure to be a very competitive year which will make for great games and a great final game.

Whether you were inches away from making the basketball team or you just want to have fun with your friends, try out CYO basketball. Being in the CYO basketball league allows you to face off with your friends against friends from other schools and most importantly gets you up and active. I hope to see you at the Gina Rousselo basketball showdown and we’ll see who the best team is!