O.P. Lifeguard Job

All Hands on Deck

Joe Best, Reporter

Attention all Saints! If you are in need of a high-paying job with good hours, Overland Park is currently hiring Lifeguards for the 2023 outdoor season. This is the perfect opportunity to join the O.P. Aquatics team and build friendships and cool skills to take with you through high school and beyond. I have been a Lifeguard for the City of Overland Park for two summers now, and am now a Senior Guard at Stonegate Pool. My experience working for O.P. Aquatics has been amazing and they treat all their employees with respect. The number of skills you gain from working as a lifeguard are extremely valuable and make you capable of being able to save someone’s life if you have to.

If you go to a pool and observe the lifeguards on station, it may look extremely boring. I won’t lie that sometimes a day will drag on and you just want to go home, but that will not be the case every day, especially if you are a patient person and a hard worker. To those kinds of people, Lifeguarding is the easiest job ever. You get plenty of breaks throughout the day and the Senior Guards make sure you have everything you need to stay alert and do a good job. We also have many fun activities we do, such as Pool Parties where everyone brings food and drinks and we all play around the pool after hours. Even though you can have fun while making money, lifeguarding is still serious business.

By becoming a Lifeguard, you take on the responsibility of keeping your patrons, coworkers, and yourself safe. When you apply to become a lifeguard, you will have to complete an online course, a background screen, and a drug screen before your first lifeguard class. There are multiple classes from February through May and you get to decide which you want to sign up for. A regular class is usually three days of instruction and practice of different rescue scenarios, basic life support, equipment use, and work expectations. The class is equivalent to an interview and you will be watched on how you behave and interact with your fellow classmates. It does take up most of your weekend, but once that is done the rest of the process is mainly paperwork and a refresher course before you begin working at your assigned pool.

If you enjoy working as a lifeguard and return the next year, you will not have to complete the three-day lifeguard class again, because your certification lasts for 12 months. That will only happen if your certification expires before you attend recently. Most people decide to go the single day of recertification instead of the long three-day class because it is so much easier and takes up less of your time. This year Overland Park is the highest-paying city for Aquatics employees, starting at fifteen dollars an hour for first-year guards. My first year of guarding was at nine dollars an hour, so this offer is an absolute steal and is definitely worth looking into.

Go to opkansas.org, click on Careers, and then Open Positions, search the keyword Lifeguard and you should see a few choices pop up for you to click on. I definitely recommend working for O.P. Aquatics and encourage you to do your own research on what lifeguarding is like. Also, if you do decide to apply because of this article, say that you were referred by Joe Best and I will get a two hundred dollar bonus. It would be much appreciated.