A Trip to Charleston

If you ever find yourself in South Carolina be sure to check out these spots in Charleston!

Hanna Ephrem, Reporter

Did you know that Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the United States? I know I didn’t, until quite recently. This past January, I had the pleasure of going to Charleston. During my weekend there, I discovered an array of unique buildings, beaches, and sights. This historic town is full of charm, and I am beyond excited to share my findings with you! 

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

One of the first activities I did in Charleston was attend my step-brother, JaSun’s graduation from nuclear engineering in the Navy. The ceremony took place on a real aircraft carrier that was built during World War II for the United States Navy. The carrier is now a museum on the inside that holds many planes and jets. This was a historic yet fascinating start to my trip.


Church & Union

Charleston is home to many delicious restaurant options, but Church and Union Charleston outshines the rest. This American dining destination is located in one of the first churches to be built in Charleston. Its beautiful stained glass windows bring so much color and history into the building.












One unique feature in Church and Union is its vaulted ceiling. This ceiling is not your ordinary ceiling, as the wood panels are painted with the words of “The Art of War” written by Sun Tzu. To top it off the food is delightful and every plate is presented beautifully. I ordered a Chicken BLT and it was delicious. The crispy chicken was topped with a rich sriracha aioli and was served with lemon zested fries.


Sullivan’s Island

I had the pleasure of going to one of South Carolina’s many beaches. Although the water was frigid, my family and I went on a long walk across Sullivan’s Island. This beach is rarely ever packed, making it the perfect spot for anyone seeking some time in silence. The peaceful blue water and soft sand is a great place to go on a stroll, read a book, or walk a dog.



La Patisserie Charleston

The food in Charleston is like no other, but what’s even better is their assortment of French pastries. While walking King Street, I could not help but notice a French pastry cafe. My family was looking for breakfast spots and I quickly pointed to La Patisserie Charleston. The beautiful interior is full of an assortment of delicious pastries. It was hard to choose, but I ended up getting the butterscotch croissant and it tasted like heaven. This cafe definitely did not fail to satisfy my family’s hungry stomachs.



Rainbow Row

When visiting Charleston it is an absolute must that you see Rainbow Row. This street is nothing less than a literal rainbow. Rainbow Row is a series of thirteen colorful historic homes all connected together. The homes were painted this way to keep the house cool on the inside. This famous tourist attraction can be found in every souvenir shop in South Carolina and is photographed by many. I loved seeing the pastel color of these homes and the historic vibe they give off.

I highly recommend that you add Charleston to your traveling bucket list right now! This town will truly have you wanting to stay. Charleston has an array of gourmet dining options while being historic and looking cozy. I hope that you find Charleston just as enticing as I do.