STA’s Best Bucket List

Make your high school experience unforgettable!


Senior Josh Elliott films a clip for a Bleacher Creature segment. (Photo courtesy Ally Sarver)

Ally Sarver, Reporter

When you choose to come to school at Aquinas, something you’ll frequently hear is “Aquinas is a place like no other!”. If you are anything like me, when I heard someone say that freshman year, all I could think was this: It’s just a school, what could make it so unique? I, however, had no clue that everything about Aquinas is different from any other place. The community is so special, and every day brings something new. Aquinas is stuffed with opportunities you can’t get anywhere else, and there truly is something here for everyone. 

As you emerge in the excitement of what it means to be a saint, make sure to take advantage of every opportunity this school leaves you with. It can be overwhelming, considering all that this school has to offer, so to help with that, I’ve created a bucket list for you to use as some exciting things you can look forward to. But don’t let this list be the finish line, rather treat it as a rough draft! Pencil in your thoughts, add new ideas, and make this list even better so that when you’re finishing up your senior year, you can help the incoming freshman too!

  • Get a picture with Tommy
  • Enter the softball girl’s pink out raffle 
  • Become a Eucharistic Minister 
  • Sample at least one food from Mrs. Waldron 
  • Eat lunch out in the rosary garden

    Seniors Lindsey Whorley and Alex Ward bring in cans for the Canned Food Drive. (Photo courtesy Ally Sarver)
  • Go look around the basement
  • Scream into the spirit bucket 
  • Play at least one event in the Spring Olympics 
  • Go to the spring musical 
  • Bring in cans for the annual Canned Food Drive
  • Go on Kairos
  • Run for student council 
  • Join at least 3 clubs
  • Go on the March for Life trip in DC
  • Try at least one new sport or activity that you have never done before
  • Be a part of the homecoming videos 
  • Go to the center of a dance circle 
  • Win Bleacher Creature
  • Get a picture with Santa
  • Win a game in an assembly
  • Make a team and join The Gina
  • Go on Halo
  •  Sing a Karaoke song during Christmas week
  • Finish out your Saint Thomas Aquinas career by walking at graduation

While every person is different and some of these might not be your cup of tea, I encourage you to try as many as you can. Right now, it may feel like you have an eternity left at high school. Almost every person you come across will tell you how these next four years will pass by in the blink of an eye. Writing this article now, I can attest to how this couldn’t be more true. This time in high school only comes once; don’t waste it. Put yourself out there and try new things; meet new people, make new memories, and live every day to the fullest! Welcome home saints, and buckle up: it’s going to be a good ride.