Deep Dive On The Drive

What did the Janitor say when he jumped out of the closet? SUPPLIES!!


Avery Rudicel

Seniors, Mia Gervasini and Alex Wright, helping organize supplies after school.

Avery Rudicel, Design Editor


Mia Gervasini is hard at work tallying up supplies. (Avery Rudicel)

Every year Saint Thomas Aquinas holds the National Honors Society School Supply Drive to collect supplies for Resurrection Catholic School in Kansas City, Kansas. Each class is given a set amount of school supplies that they donate during this drive. Students have a whole week to bring their supplies and are encouraged to bring more than what’s asked.

In 2007, three Catholic grade schools couldn’t stay open due to financial reasons and decided to come together to create Resurrection. Families of Resurrection struggle to supply a sufficient amount of supplies for their children, so Aquinas makes it a point to supply them with new school supplies. At the end of the school year, Mr. Hallauer asks Resurrection if the supplies lasted the whole year and if they need to adjust the lists that are sent out. This year Aquinas included the teachers and helped provide supplies for them as well. 

Seniors, Julia Balino and Janie Krumm, help out with the school supply drive. (Avery Rudicel)

The drive was held from August 22nd to the 26th. During this week, the students get involved by organizing and donating. Before school, students bring their supplies to their designated area per class. After school, Seniors in NHS organize the supplies in neat boxes to deliver to Resurrection. The classes compete to see who can get in their whole list of supplies first. This is a fun incentive for students to bring in supplies, but it is also rewarding knowing that they are helping out other students in need. 

Just a fraction of the supplies that students donated! (Avery Rudicel)

This year the Senior class won and set a new Aquinas record by being the first class ever to bring all of their school supplies in on the first day. Because the Seniors were the first to be done, they got two class competition points. The Sophomores and Juniors got one competition point for reaching their total amount of supplies, and the Freshman will not be receiving a class competition point because they fell short to meet their supplies quota. 

The NHS School Supply Drive sets the tone for the rest of the year by getting the student body involved and excited to give back to their community.