Dressing Up the Dress Code

Tips on how to spice up your uniform!

Suzanne Loomis, Reporter

Wearing the same uniform everyday can become monotonous. Adding your own sense of style can make coming to school a little more fun. Showing your sense of style at school can just be changing which combination of the uniform everyday or it can be wearing bright and big jewelry. Choosing to add spice to the uniform also means the dress code rules must be followed because at Saint Thomas Aquinas our unity with one another is reflected in the uniform. The students at Saint Thomas Aquinas are held to higher standards than public high schoolers. Vice Principal Dr. Greeson says, “The uniform shows we belong together.” Wearing a uniform allows all students to feel welcome and part of a community!

Walking through the hallways of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the individuality of each student is clearly shown. To feel like your most confident self at school, you can start with putting a twist on the uniform. This could include fun colored jewelry, cool hair accessories, or brightly colored nails. The students at STA love to be able to wear their own jewelry and be able to express themselves in that way. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings help spice up the uniform without breaking any rules. Hair accessories could include a patterned hair clip, cute hair pins, or even a headband. Trying a new hair trend can really add some excitement to the uniform. Acrylic nails are always a classic way to show individuality. Bright colors, fun patterns, or even French-tip nails show everyone around you a glimpse of your personal style.

There are many ways to express yourself in the uniform, but don’t forget to actually stay in uniform. The uniform is set in place to show respect and unity, so it should be worn representing those values. Uniform bottoms are the only restrictions: girls are allowed to wear either the skirt or pants in navy or khaki, and boys are allowed to wear the pants in navy or khaki. The uniform top includes many selections such as the basic collared shirt, sweater vest, sweater, cardigan, quarter-zip, or crew neck. With all these options, students are able to choose something that fits their personal style. Throughout the school year, there are many spirit days that allow students to wear any Aquinas top with uniform bottoms. With all of this in mind, come in your uniform and be proud of your STA community.

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