Drive with Me and Joel

What is it like to drive with a sibling?

Emma Keenan, Reporter

The love-hate relationship between siblings is a timeless dynamic. Siblings are brought into our lives, and we simply have to accept it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they don’t go away. As a result, certain responsibilities, stereotypes or roles are forced upon us because of our siblings, which again, we often just have to accept. 

I am the oldest of eight siblings, which allows me to have experience and relationships with a multitude of ages. I currently have one brother who goes to Aquinas with me, Joel Keenan. He is a freshman this year and now that I am a senior, I am finally driving with someone to school everyday. This has been both enjoyable and frustrating as I have someone else to wait on in the morning, rather than myself only. However, overall, it is a smooth process, but from time to time, complications arise. There have been a few “bumps” in the road. 

Still, it is interesting being a senior with a freshman sibling. My four years of high school are nearing their end, while my brothers are just beginning. Joel tells me about his teachers, classes and general school experience, which moves me to reminisce on my own past and freshman year. I realize why the phrase, “highschool goes by fast” is cliche: it’s true. It may be overused, but regardless, it’s correct. In the span of time, freshman year was years ago, but it went by so fast. Eventually, I’ll say that about highschool itself. I know Joel is just beginning highschool, but I also know that he too will eventually say the same. 

When asking Joel what his favorite and least favorite part about driving me is, he responded, “My favorite part is getting to choose my own music sometimes when driving and my least favorite part is not being able to drive where I want to go.” Between both me and Joel, we have our own complaints. Regardless, I enjoy having someone with me, early in the morning, on the drive to school.