Join Key Club

Introducing Aquinas’s best club.


Mathias Glickley

Ms. Dillingham

Mathias Glickley, Reporter

The best club at Saint Thomas Aquinas is Key Club. This club is all about helping kids get their service hours in while doing fun activities with their friends.  This version of Key Club was started in 2005.  Since then, under the direction of Ms. Dillingham, it has continued to grow each year.  We currently have 102 members in Key Club.  This key club is one of the tops in the country and Ms. Dillingham has won many trophies for how good our key club is.  What makes this club special is that you get to do good acts of service with your friends.  

While there are many great activities there are three that really stand out.  The first one is everyone’s favorite, Team soccer.  This is an excellent activity on Saturday mornings where we go out and help kids with disabilities play soccer.  Many of the kids are repeat kids so you will get to know kids more personally.  Josh Elliott said, “The kids are so fun to work with and it’s cool when you work with the same kids each time and start building real bonds.”  The organizers also separate the kids by age so that everyone has the perfect buddy.

The next best activity is the Ronald McDonald house.  Key Clubbers go and make food for the families that are staying there with sick kids so that they do not have to leave their kids.  Usually, there are six to eight kids that are available to sign up for this event and each kid brings a food item for whatever the meal theme is.  Once everyone is there, they get in groups of two unless there are more tasks for that meal and then you start cooking the meal.  

The last of the top three events is called Grace Center. Grace center is a place where key clubbers go and hang with kids and mainly do crafts with them.  Most of the time it is themed with whatever season it is.  Alex Ward described it, “ Grace Center is a great way to become involved when you love kids. It fills your heart with joy assisting little kids.”  Overall, everyone at Aquinas should join Aquinas because you all have to do service hours so you may as well be doing fun activities with your friends.