Two Peas in a Podcast Episode 3: Two Peas and a Padre

In this episode, Kellen and Ethan host the podcast’s first-ever adult guest, Nelson Young. Nelson, also known as Ethan’s dad, is a long-time football coach at Aquinas outside of his day job as a regional sales manager at ClickSafety. So, why have a parent on the podcast? For these three, the answer is simple. Listen to our latest episode as Nelson recaps his experience at Aquinas and compares it to his own high school years, embracing what it means to come back and coach those who were once like him. 

In the depths of Aquinas, from room 216B, comes a new take on student-led media in Aquinas’s first-ever podcast. Two Peas in a Podcast is your general, everyday radio talk show, with the intention to cover all things Aquinas while being able to share some of the team’s favorite songs with listeners. Hosted by seniors Kellen Hulla and Ethan Young, the show will feature guest appearances from students, teachers, and faculty with the goal of bringing the Aquinas community to light in a fun and engaging way. As Ethan and Kellen always say, “we’re here so you can have fun.”