The Perfect Day for a Latte

To celebrate National Latte Day (February 11), here are the best places in KC to get an iced latte.


Elesia Guerra

There is so much love for the Made In KC latte!

Elesia Guerra, Editor-in-Chief

The best way to honor the delicious espresso and steamed milk drink is to have a whole day dedicated to it. For those of you who are not coffee drinkers, the drink that is being described is called a latte. Whether you drink a latte hot or cold, there really is no wrong way to get it prepared because it is an all-around great cup of coffee. The simplicity of the drink makes it so good. National Latte Day is celebrated on February 11, and in honor of the holiday, I’m here to tell you some of the best places in Kansas City to get a latte, specifically, an iced latte. 

Made In Kansas City Marketplace is the first place that I recommend getting an iced latte. This coffee shop is located at the Country Club Plaza. There are different booths with Kansas City items that you could shop for inside the Made In KC Marketplace. I’ve noticed that usually, coffee shops like this one are the best places to get an iced latte just because they have the best balance of espresso and milk. It isn’t too heavy on the coffee and isn’t too heavy on the milk. It is just right. When I go to Made In KC Marketplace, I usually get an iced latte with lavender honey syrup. I appreciate that there is a lavender honey flavor option because not that many places carry it. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should because it adds a very subtle flavor that takes an iced latte to a whole new level. Whenever you get the chance, head to the Plaza and try an iced latte from Made In KC Marketplace and shop while you enjoy your drink! 


The Chicken Bacon Sandwich is paired perfectly with an iced latte from McLain’s. (Elesia Guerra)

McLain’s is a coffee shop that I go to often because the latte there is superior in taste. There are locations in Shawnee and Overland Park. Whether it is going on the weekends or after school, McLain’s provides a great atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee at. Also, the food there pairs exquisitely with the iced latte, particularly the Chicken Bacon Sandwich. The substitutions in milk are additionally great when I want to limit my dairy intake. An iced oat milk latte from McLain’s tastes just as splendid as a latte with regular milk. You can never go wrong with getting an iced latte from McLain’s!

Snooze A.M. Eatery is a breakfast and brunch restaurant that serves a remarkable iced latte. There are locations in Overland Park and Westport. For an actual restaurant, Snooze has one of the best-quality iced lattes. They also have milk substitutions which are nice to have as an option when I am eating food that is heavy on dairy. The food also pairs really well with the iced latte here. I usually order the French Toast Neat which is french toast with berries and powdered sugar on top. Snooze is probably the only restaurant that I order iced coffee from because it is just that good. Don’t underestimate getting an iced latte from Snooze just because it is not a coffee shop!

You can’t go to Snooze and not try the french toast with an iced latte! (Elesia Guerra)

Made In KC Marketplace, McLain’s, and Snooze are just a few of the many amazing places in Kansas City to get a latte from. You should definitely at least try a latte or drink one because there are many different substitutions, add-ins, and temperatures you can change to a latte to make it to your liking. After all, there is a day centered all around it!