Colby King: State Champ, National Qualifier, D1 Commit, and Aquinas Legend

How did Colby “The King” rise to the top?


Michelle Gress

Colby King racing last October.

Ashley Bendorf, Reporter

The 2022 Cross Country season has been an incredible one for senior Colby King. King consistently beat his own records and even qualified for Nationals in a few weeks. But our individual State Champ has come a long way in his four years as a runner. He started on the C team and worked his way up to the top. Colby King is one of the most hardworking people I know, and I had the honor of interviewing him about his running career.  


Did you ever run before high school? What made you decide to run freshman year? 

I did, in 7th and 8th grade, but also little fun runs. Freshman year, I really wanted to meet friends and get in shape for lacrosse season. I took lacrosse really seriously and planned on playing throughout high school. 


Who do you look up to? Are there any famous runners who you admire?

My dad and older sister because they are some of the hardest workers and it’s inspiring to see them work for what they want. I also really admire Logan Seger because we’ve run together since freshman year. Sophomore year, we both went to Oregon together and it was an incredible experience. Last year was really special to run with him at his peak. His hard work and determination in running inspires me to do the same.


What is your go-to hype song before a race? 

“Bad Habit” by The Offspring. 


What is your pre-race routine?

Wake up early, go straight to a warm shower. I am a big believer in the “feel good, look good, race good” mentality. I believe that if I feel and look confident, I will race well. Then I go to school and get my stuff, and go on the bus to hang with the guys. Once we get to the course, we walk the course and talk. Then we go to the tent and cheer on other races. After warming up, we pray with the team. I like team prayer because it is relaxing and calms down any nerves. 


What is a moment in your cross country/track career that you are most proud of? 

Definitely going to the Outdoor Nationals in Eugene, Oregon and becoming the first Aquinas team to become All American. Running with Tommy Hazen, Logan Seger, and Ashton Higgerson was a huge honor. This was my big break season and I trained all winter after not running cross country in the fall. Going from not being a state team candidate for cross country in the fall to being on a national relay team in the spring was insane.  


What is something you wish you could tell your freshman self? 

Stay focused even through the rough patches. Everything doesn’t go your way all the time. If you put in the work and effort, everything will work out.


Do you have any advice for underclassmen who are thinking about doing cross country or track? 

Trust the process. If you really want to get better, trust Coach Wrigley’s training. The banners in the gym say it all, he knows what he’s doing. Most importantly, run with love and enjoy every second.


Colby King recently announced his commitment to run D1 cross country and track at Iowa State University next year. His extraordinary and record-breaking career is a testament to his outstanding work ethic.