Get to Know Gary!

How well do you really know the legendary Gary?


Suzanne Loomis and Katie Stegeman

The most famous and beloved STA faculty member has to be Gary. Gary can be found in the Saint’s Cafe! We all know him as our favorite STA staff but how well do we really know him? Let’s get to know Gary better!

Eight years ago Gary started working at Saint Thomas Aquinas and quickly became the man we all know and love. He loves working at Aquinas because he is able to brighten students’ days with some delicious treats and nutrition. Gary likes to see the effect good food has on students, such as being able to ease their nerves about an upcoming test through the food in the cafe. As much as he loves to cook lunch for the students at STA, he does not enjoy cooking at home. Gary gets sick of cooking outside of the job and tends to order takeout to eat with his daughter.

During the 2021-2022 school year Gary was nominated for the Faculty Homecoming Court. It is no surprise that when students saw Gary’s name on the ballot he was going to win. When Gary’s name was announced as the winner the whole gym shook with excitement. His initial reaction was shocked because he didn’t think he was that popular. This is a silly thought because every student at Saint Thomas Aquinas loves Gary!

During the summer months, when Gary is not busy in the Saint’s Cafe, he spends his time traveling with his daughter. He enjoys going on road trips to new places. The place he loved to visit the most was Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. When Gary retires from the Saint’s Cafe, hopefully not for many years, he plans to travel around the country with his daughter. He would love to have a tent attached to his car so he is able to spend the night wherever he wishes. While he is traveling, one of his favorite hobbies is stopping by a lake to go fishing. Gary loves to live on his own schedule and would enjoy spending many hours leisurely fishing.

While Gary’s positivity and fun spirit have made a lasting impact on many students and teachers at Aquinas, a few specific people have made an impact on him as well. He is specifically in awe of Mr. Leo Brown’s voiceover at games and events, saying that he sounds like a professional sports broadcaster. He also mentioned Al Miner has had an impact on him as well as they are good friends.

Some things Gary especially likes are his dog named Maxwell, the Raiders, and traveling with his Daughter. When asked what kitchen utensil he relates the most to and why, Gary answered “The whisk because I like to mix it up”. Next time you see Gary in the Lunch line make sure to let him know he is appreciated!