Bonne Journée Française!

Happy French Day! Get a look into STA French Day held on March 1.


Ready for Nutella!

Sophia Meyer, Reporter

Bonjour Saints! The Saint Thomas Aquinas French program celebrated French Day on Wednesday, March 1st. This day serves as a celebration and promotion of French language and culture in the STA community. 

Led by Madame Trader, French students were hard at work to prepare for the day.

Informational French posters decorated the school hallways with fun facts about France, French culture, and Francophone countries. At lunch, there was a Kahoot with fun facts, and the top three winners from each lunch period were awarded a prize. Did you know that baguettes originated in Austria rather than France? Or that famous actress Emma Watson was born in France? Now you do!

Many posters similar to this one about “French Customs” decorated the hallways.

The main attraction of the day was the crêpe sale at lunch. Crêpes are very thin, delicate pancakes that are very popular snacks, meals, or treats in France. French students made the crêpes with a special pan by dipping the heated round plate into a bowl of batter. The batter is cooked after about thirty seconds and ready to be slid off with a spatula. It’s a technique that takes talent and mastery!

Students go down the crêpe line to get delicious toppings for their French treats.

Crêpes were sold from one dollar to a dollar-fifty at the crêpe sale, and a majority of proceeds were donated to the Sisters of the Little Lamb – a local group of religious French sisters. Although crêpes can be a savory snack or a sweet treat, the crêpe stand on Wednesday included toppings of Nutella (a crowd favorite), strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, caramel sauce, strawberry jam, and hot fudge. 

A fun Kahoot filled with French fun facts was played during each lunch.

French students were tasked with making batter and crêpes, spreading Nutella, and putting toppings on crêpes. They also collected money and ran a French Club t-shirt raffle. If you want in on this exciting day next year, consider joining French Club or even taking French class next year. If you missed out on tasting the delicious French delicacy of crêpes, get ready for next year’s French Day! Merci et au revoir!