“We Got Spirit” for Our Cheerleaders! “How ’bout you?”

Learn about our Saints Cheerleaders!


Michelle Gress

Saint Cheerleaders huddled in front of their class during the 2022 Fall Sport Assembly!

Emma Keenan, Reporter

At football and other sports events, our Cheerleaders are the leaders of the stands, initiating cheers that the student body loves like “Do It”, the “Wiggolo” and “Roller coaster”. They ensure that when we shout, “‘We got spirit, yes we do!’”, we mean it. With the help of our cheerleaders, the school spirit is “alive” in the bleachers so that if asked, “do we have spirit?”, we can confidently answer, “Yes we do!” 

Abby Hardgree and Sydney Huber are two members of the Saints Varsity Cheer Team. They have been cheering for seven years and have been on varsity since their sophomore year of high school. Their favorite part of cheer is the relationships developed with the other girls. Abby and Sydney also love gamedays!

However, behind the amount of cheering, flips, jumps, and smiles can also be an equal amount of stress. The two girls say that their least favorite part is the stress of competitions, apart from game days. “Learning and perfecting our routines and trying new skills are the most difficult.” Sydney and Abby say. “But it is always so worth it in the end.” They add, expressing the rewards of passion, dedication, and perseverance which cheer heavily requires.

As said before, Abby and Sydney’s favorite part of cheer is their relationships with each other and the other girls. Surrounded by a welcoming group of athletes, everyone lifts each other up in both performances and without an audience at all. These friendships cultivate lifelong memories. Abby and Sydney say that their favorite memory of cheer is “growing as a team at our last cheer camp this past Summer.” 

Currently, Abby, Sydney, and the rest of the Saints Cheerleaders are preparing for State. “We do a lot more than just sideline cheering.” They say. “Speaking of which, cheer state is November 19th and we would love to see everyone there.” Saints, mark your calendars and consider supporting your school spirit leaders. It’s your turn to cheer for the cheerleaders!