Are you ready for this NFL season?


Mathias Glickley, Reporter

Strap in ladies and gentlemen because it is the start of the 2022-23 NFL football season. 
It all starts Thursday, September 8th, with an electrifying game as the Los Angeles Rams take on the Buffalo Bills at SoFi stadium in LA.  This is one of the most anticipated games of the whole season as both of these teams have rosters full of talented players such as Josh Allen, Aaron Donald, and Jalen Ramsey.  This is a game that everyone will be watching.

After the opener on Thursday, Sunday kicks off with nine games at 12 pm CT. Some of these games will have significant meaning to fans as Baker Mayfield goes back to play against his former team, the Cleveland Browns.  Some of the other exciting games are the Eagles against the Lions as the Eagles have strengthened both their offense and defense and the Lions have a new coaching staff, and the Saints against the Falcons as the Saints have Jameis Winston and Michael Thomas returning from injury.  Once these games are finished, four more games start at 3:25 pm CT including the Chiefs who go to Arizona to play the Cardinals.  To wrap up Sunday, Tom Brady and the Bucs go to Dallas to face off against a weak Cowboys team.

Once all of this weekend action concludes, there is still one game to go on Monday.  This is expected to be a great game as Russell Wilson returns to his old home of the Seattle Seahawks, who he had previously played his first nine seasons for.  This season is expected to be very riveting following an exciting off-season as many big-named players were traded like AJ Brown going to the Eagles and Devante Adams to the Raiders from the Packers.  There will also be many promising rookies on display like George Pickens for the Steelers and Chris Olave for the Saints. With all of these exciting games on display, there isn’t a game you will want to miss.