Who is Mrs. Curran?

Learn more about STA’s math teacher, Mrs. Curran!



You can count on Mrs. Curran!

Emma Keenan, Reporter

A walk down sophomore hall often means you’re headed to a math class. Whether you dread it or can’t wait, STA’s math teachers are worth commemorating, one of them being Mrs. Curran. 

Mrs. Curran has been teaching math at Aquinas for twenty-six years. She majored in Mathematics Secondary Education at Kansas State University. “I obviously enjoy math and I was good at helping my fellow classmates in high school.” Mrs. Curran says when recalling her process of deciding on a major. Where would Mrs. Curran be if she was not a teacher? Mrs. Curran says she would work in accounting or loan processing. “I like to pay attention to details.” She explains. 

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Curran’s hobbies include reading, exercising, and spending time with her family. She enjoys watching K-STATE sports and the Chiefs! Mrs. Curran says if she had an entirely free day, she would spend it with a “good coffee, the gym, breakfast with family, good conversation and a good book”. A fun fact about Mrs. Curran is that she has over fifty cousins. “Some of them I have never met.” She recalls. 

 Mrs. Curran devotes her life to the minds of STA’s young men and women. Her twenty-six years with Aquinas has provided her with an abundance of wisdom and thus, she provides that same wisdom to the students she teaches. When discussing high school advice, Mrs. Curran says, “Do not procrastinate! Four years of high school goes so fast. Be involved!” 

Teachers are significant figures in a student’s life. Seven hours a day, five days a week, teachers are one of the first people a student sees after he or she wakes up. Teachers have dedicated their time and energy to the well-being of their students. Whether it is noticed or not, it is not always easy. “Teachers like to be thanked!” Mrs. Curran says. 

As this semester draws to an end, take time to thank Mrs. Curran and the rest of your teachers!