Have you met our new Priest?

Let’s get to know Fr. Gaffney!

Trevor Obershaw & Mathias Glickley, Reporters

Saint Thomas Aquinas Welcomes Fr. Andrew Gaffney!

Father Andrew Gaffney’s journey toward priesthood started in his junior year of high school when his dad asked him what he wanted to do in college and beyond. He would spend half of his lunch period every day in the chapel praying about it. His first thoughts were that he would attend KU like his three older sisters. Gaffney was thinking about studying something in the medical field, but as he said, “It was very evident that that was not what the Lord wanted me to do.” He decided to go into the seminary at Conception Seminary School in Maryville, Missouri. Gaffney defined his first experiences in seminary as “young guys striving after holiness together.” During his first year in seminary, he wanted Jesus to affirm to him that he was in the right place. Needless to say, Jesus showed him and he stayed. He spent four years at Conception and later went to St. John Viani in Denver for five years. After nine years in seminary school, he was ordained on May 28th, 2022. 

Gaffney loves spending time at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. He will be attending as many events as possible, especially sporting events, for he himself played football. He has a passion for cars and would love to show both his 1969 Chevy Stepside and 1969 MG Midget. As much as he loves cars, the priesthood comes first and cars come second. If he has some free time, he can be found watching his favorite movies Ford v Ferrari and Baby Driver. Gaffney offers confession during lunch, adoration during STA period, and daily mass before or after school. He wants to meet everyone, so come say hi!