Embrace the Moment One Saint At A Time

Embracing the 2022-2023 school year by being present in each moment.

Elesia Guerra, Editor-in-Chief

Saints, the 2022-2023 school year theme has been announced: Embrace The Moment. As each year comes to an end, it feels as though it was just the first day. It feels like the previous school year passed in the blink of an eye. High school goes by so fast. With focusing on homework, tests, and extra-curricular activities, it can be difficult and overwhelming to stay present in the moment. The theme this year encourages Aquinas students to live in the moment by focusing their attention on the present.

An effective way to embrace the moment would be to involved with school activities. Students can create memories that will last a lifetime when they attend sporting events, participate in mass, join clubs, engage in class discussions, etc. This school year gives students the chance to say “yes” to as many opportunities that students are able to be a part of. One detail to think about is that students will not be able to get moments or opportunities back as they pass. It is easier for students to think about why they should not do something then why they should do something. Embracing the moment can benefit students in allowing them to get out of their comfort zone and enjoy high school while they still can. The theme this year encourages Aquinas students to seek circumstances that create joy and memories.

This year I am going to embrace the moment by not dwelling on the past and not getting too wrapped up in the future. I want to enjoy every minute of my final year here.

— Macy Vance

In high school, it seems like there is more belabor about the future and becoming prepared for it. Embracing the moment is a reminder to find joy in each day by living in the moment and releasing any worry. It’s an encouragement to embrace the difficult moments, especially by adding joy to them, because they lead students to become stronger and grow as humans. By living out the theme, students are able to capture memories through experience, like taking photos to remember for a lifetime. Remember Saints, take each day as it comes and Embrace The Moment.