Room 142 is “On a Break” from the Stereotypical Classroom!

It’s the place to be in English hall!


Ashley Bendorf

Mrs. Knopke displays her classroom logo! This is a play on her maiden name, Cain!

Ashley Bendorf, Reporter

Twinkling lights and cozy couches greet students as they enter Mrs. Knopke’s classroom. Mrs. K, a sophomore English teacher, has completely transformed room 142 into a sanctuary from the basic classroom monotony. Her creativity shines through the intricate patterns of book pages climbing up the walls and inspiring messages in every corner.

Mrs. K’s inspiration for her classroom interior dates back to her time teaching abroad in Chile. The classrooms in Chile are stationary, and the teachers move around. Teachers do not get the luxury of decorating their classrooms. One year, she got the opportunity to decorate a classroom, and the looks of pure joy on the kids’ faces inspired her to decorate her classroom creatively every year. Changing up the learning atmosphere is an important way to get students to talk to each other.

With a conventional classroom setup, desks are all facing one direction, which makes it challenging for students to interact with one another. By rearranging the desks and tables, this removes barriers and students are forced to make conversation. It can be tough at first, but eventually they warm up to each other, creating a fun-filled environment for everybody. The general “vibe” of Mrs. K’s classroom is a cozy coffee house. Central Perk, the main hangout spot for the characters of the hit TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S., is a clear inspiration for the comforting atmosphere. Mrs. Knopke loves the show and wants her students to become friends in her classroom. If you ever need a break from the standard cookie-cutter classroom, be sure to stop by Mrs. Knopke’s room and you might make a new friend!