The Power of Aquinas Pep Through School Traditions

The spirit of Aquinas comes to life through these traditions harbored over the years.

Leah Tarwater

Saints Football celebrate post-game win with the Alma Mater. (Michelle Gress)

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School prides itself on spirit, community, and tradition. Dance team continues to grow in energy on the sidelines as cheerleaders lead the crowds in chants such as the Wiggalo, Rollercoaster, Peel the Banana, and the infamous chorus of ‘I Believe’. The rush of participating in an Aquinas crowd, united by one cause, never fails to spread contagious joy. 

Community reaches for the sky in the bleachers, as Aquinas is also well known to show school spirit through themes at sports games. Common themes are country, pink out, Hawaiian, neon, and the fan favorite: Moses parts the Red Sea. Aside from general school spirit, students are also motivated to dress up in hopes that they may win the title of Bleacher Creature. The Bleacher Creature is determined by the most theme-related outfit that goes the extra mile.

Most important of all is the Saints Alma Mater. The first week of every fresh school year is only complete with the first all-school mass. Unexpecting freshmen are brought together to link arms with seniors as everyone forgets about class competitions and welcomes the new class to join the Aquinas family. Whether it be at an assembly, sports game, or all-school mass, the Alma Mater brings students together side by side, arms linked together, singing ‘amor vincit omnia, love will conquer all’ with love and devotion to the community. The Alma Mater goes as follows:


We gather here together

As friends, we’re side by side

To sing our Alma Mater

With unity and pride

To her we will be faithful

And always will be true

Forever loyal to S-T-A

Her banner gold and blue

Though years may separate us

Our memory lives on

Her spirit ever-present

Our strength, our shield, our song

As we go down life’s pathway

Our faith will keep us strong

Amor Vincit Omnia

Love will conquer all


Throughout the years, Aquinas has held true to these traditions and many more, such as the student council canned food and supply drives, Spring Olympics, and homecoming hallway decorations. Alumni can return to games and still feel as much a part of the community as they did during their high school career. Past and current students alike are reminded that they will always have a home here.