Get Ready with a Varsity Saints Dancer

Football is here! How do the Saints dancers prepare?


Emma Keenan, Reporter

It’s that time of the year again. Football season is here! Aquinas students now get to cheer on their Saints football team in the stands, while also supporting other members who contribute to school spirit such as the dance team. It’s an exciting time for everyone. However, for dancers, it is also a busy season. Behind the scenes, dedication, hard work and huge preparation all go into the process of creating the dances that everyone can enjoy on the field. 

Varsity dancer Taylor Reboulet says that “getting ready with friends in the bathroom” and participating in the games’ theme are some of her favorite parts of getting ready. However, getting to that point requires major dedication. Three times a week, dancers wake up early for six a.m practice. On the other two days, they stay after school for two hour practices. This can be an exhausting process and while having balance between dance, school and personal life is challenging, it is crucial. 

When game day arrives, students fill the stands to watch their Saints play. For dancers, it can be difficult to not be in the student section. Taylor says, “It’s different not being a part of the student section and not being allowed to join in on some of the chants.” However, Taylor also says, “But in a sense, the student section is led by us in cheering our team on and that makes me happy.” The passion for Aquinas and its sports is present in every member of the team, including Taylor. Occasionally, this passion warrants some sacrifices. However, for Taylor and other dancers, it is worth it as they see the value in what they do and everyone else should too! 

Being on any team is a huge commitment, the dance team included. Even though it isn’t always seen directly, there is an immense amount of preparation that goes into every dance and that can and should be seen in their routines for students to enjoy. At the next game, be sure to appreciate them even more and cheer even louder for the Aquinas dance team!