Zambezi Zinger Zips Back to World’s of Fun

World’s of Fun announced its new rollercoaster opening in 2023.

Kellen Hulla, Reporter

In early August, Worlds of Fun announced their first new roller coaster since 2009. The ride’s name, Zambezi Zinger, is a callback to a previous ride of the same name which operated from 1973 to 1997 (

After fourteen years since the last time a new roller coaster was built at Worlds of Fun, the park announced that a new roller coaster will be opening in 2023. Longtime Kansas City residents will recall a fan favorite ride; the Zambezi Zinger, which was closed 25 years ago. The new coaster will be the spiritual successor to the gone but not forgotten classic, which still has a huge fanbase decades after its closure. A digital rendering of the new coaster was shared to the press, displaying the ride’s layout and giving an idea of what it will be like to ride ( 

The new Zambezi Zinger will share more than just its name with the former classic. The new Zinger will feature a rare spiral lift hill to begin the ride, just like its predecessor. For most of the ride’s layout, the track will follow a similar course to the old Zinger, including a big turn surrounding the spiral lift hill and a tunnel during the middle of the ride. There are some major differences, however, between the rides. Most notably, the new coaster structure will be built out of wood, just like the Timberwolf and the Prowler which are also located at Worlds of Fun. Its track will be a hybrid of wood and steel, making it a groundbreaking project in the amusement park industry.

 The ride’s designers aimed to develop a roller coaster that anyone can have fun on. For this reason, its height will be relatively low at 74 feet and it will feature no inversions.That does not mean that it won’t be thrilling, however, as the layout will include plenty of fast turns and airtime moments. When it opens next spring, the new Zambezi Zinger will cater to thrill seekers and nostalgic park goers alike.


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