Autumn=Heaven on Earth

The Best Season.

Jozef Best, Reporter

If you think fall is the worst, you need a good slapping! There is no question that fall is the best season. Absolutely none. Summer is too hot and muggy, spring is too short, and winter is cold and lasts forever. Fall is filled with beautiful 50-degree days and magical, color-changing leaves. A literal paradise. The autumn equinox falls on September 22, the first day of the fall season. Soon after, tents are put up in parks and parking lots, parades are organized, and the never-ending fall festivals begin. Things like pumpkin, scarecrow, beer, and corn festivals are celebrated in many towns and cities across the United States. In Kansas, there are many different fall festivals everywhere you go. Some upcoming events are the Into The Night Fall Festival, the Annual Fall Festival, the Liberty Fall Fest Parade, the Cornucopia, and KC Oktoberfest. It is the ultimate party season and the best time of year for everyone looking for a good time.  

Towards the end of October, Halloween is celebrated, followed by All Saints Day and All Souls Day November 1-2 (although not as popular, for some reason). How All Hallows Eve went from remembering our deceased to dressing up as weirdos and demanding sugar from strangers, I have no idea. But I love it! There are many fun things to do before Halloween night, like carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, building costumes, decorating houses, and yards, and jump-scaring your friends. Those are great, but one attraction is extremely popular, especially among teenagers and young adults. Haunted Houses! Some well-known Haunted Houses in Kansas are the Beast, the Edge of Hell, and the Macabre Cinema. If you are lucky, there are also many great neighborhood haunted houses and escape rooms made by diehard Halloween lovers that could be just down the street. 

Thanksgiving soon follows on November 24th, a day of family gatherings and joyful feasting. Kids jump in leave piles and run through corn mazes. Grown-ups catch up with friends and family or play some competitive cornhole, all while enjoying the near-perfect weather. The traditional dinner spread usually consists of roasted vegetables, baked bread, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, steamy hot stuffing, and a lovingly made Thanksgiving turkey. Some families include their own special dishes and recipes, but if there is plenty of it, I don’t care what it is (as long as it’s delicious!). Yes, the allergies are horrible and autumn marks the start of the flu season, but nothing good comes without a price. We can’t be too spoiled with the unending greatness of fall.