The Stone Age, Ancient Greece, Medieval, and Fourth of July?

Homecoming hallway decorating was a huge success this year!


Ashley Bendorf

A gaping dinosaur mouth greets students in hello hallway.

Ashley Bendorf, Reporter

A Night at the Saints Museum was in full swing with hallway decorating. All grades showed up bright and early on September 19th to transform the halls into different eras across time. Hallway decorating is a time honored tradition among students. From the travesty of Peter Pan in 2019, to the Stone Age in 2022, the class of ‘23 has managed to evolve in their hallway decorating skills. This evolution proves to the underclassmen that even if there seems to be no hope for your class, you can make better things happen.

Even though this year’s seniors have historically bad communication skills, student council representatives made this year’s decorating a breeze. A Google Doc and a SignUpGenius were sent out in the days leading up to decorating, making it clear who needed to bring what. There was a defined plan and an easy way to execute it. Senior Cecilia Do spent twelve hours at the school, drawing the majority of the artwork on the walls and painting the iconic Fred Flintstone in Hello Hallway. Every section of the hallway was covered. The seniors put a lot of effort into this year’s hallway, and all of it paid off.

The juniors spent most of their time on Monday creating detailed paintings to display on their lockers. Despite having the advantage of being able to drive to get supplies, the juniors lacked props and intricacy. They thrived in the artistic section and major details, such as the vines adorning the ceilings and creative pictures draped across the hall. The paintings were a perfect show stopper. If they had stronger communication skills, their hallway could have been a great success. This year’s junior hallway will be a stepping stone into victory for their senior year. 

The sophomores explored the medieval time period. They had the opposite problem as the juniors. They had incredible details, but lacked significantly in the overall big picture. The chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and the name signs for the teachers are just some of the creative aspects of the hallway. The dungeon near the bathrooms is also very well done. The dungeon was a great concept and the drawbridge on the balcony is also a great detail, but it is hardly noticeable. Unfortunately, the sophomores struggled with the lockers and making a jaw-dropping overall look. They had great ideas, and will definitely be successful in the future. 

The freshman, aided by Mr. Rost, did a great job for their first year decorating. They covered every locker and had quite a few little details. Their theme, however, was NOT the fourth of July. Contrary to the appearance of the hallway, the theme was COLONIAL. The paintings of famous American (and British?) heroes were exceptional, but they did not tie to the theme of colonialism. They had excellent details of the boxes of tea, but they overdid it with the patriotism. Their work this year was unmatched by past freshman. This is a great start to their hallway decorating career. 

Hallway decorating is a beloved activity among Aquinas students and an excellent way to get involved with your class. If you skipped out this year, be sure to be there next year!