Oddly Specific Halloween Costume Ideas

Some people can put on bunny ears or facepaint and call it a day, but what about those whose strive to be a little more… unique?

Leah Tarwater, Reporter

“Your leftovers looking at you from the back of the fridge as you order postmates again”* 

Items required: at least two packages of tin foil, varies per person

u/toucher on reddit.com/r/pics

2. Tyler James Williams (Lab Rats) and Vincent Martella (Phineas and Ferb) at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards

Williams items required: Yankees baseball cap, horizontally striped polo, baggy jeans, swag

Martella items required: awesome sunglasses, vertically striped button down, baggy jeans, your grandpa’s tie

(preferably all non-matching items)


Leah Tarwater


3. Excessively layered Gucci ad campaign

Items required (preferably all patterned): high socks, tights, loafers, skirt, blouse, jacket, coat, scarf, headscarf, sunglasses


Leah Tarwater


4. Kermit and Miss Piggy’s Valentine card

Miss Piggy items required: red dress, large broach, sparkly gloves, pearl jewelry

Kermit items required: green face paint, suit and bowtie (optional green morphsuit)


Leah Tarwater


5. Wacky wavy inflatable arm flaying tube man

Items required: monochrome outfit (sweats for maximum comfort), streamers on hands, big smile

bonus: fan to help the streamers flow

ODesigns / depositphotos.com

6. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Items required: overalls, chocolate chunk cookie

Bonus: a glass of milk, a straw, a napkin, a mirror, nail scissors, broom, little box with a tiny blanket and pillow, paper and crayons, pen, scotch tape (all can be conveniently located in overall frocket)


Leah Tarwater


Thank you to Mrs. Spillman for allowing us use of the costumes and thank you to our friends and staff for modeling!


*credit to Chase Mitchell on twitter.com for ‘leftover food’ idea