Freshman Posters for STUCO!

Fun well designed posters created by each freshman candidate.


Posters in Freshman hall.

Trevor Obershaw, Reporter

It’s that time of year again, time for freshman student council elections! There are 18 students running for student council this year. This is a very large number of students, and it will make for many great speeches on October 11th which is the day they will be delivered. Everyone was welcome to run, but there were some important steps they had to follow. They first attended a meeting to go over their responsibilities which include getting an academic background check and obtaining 52 student signatures as well as 4 teacher signatures. Once all of this was completed, they were accepted as a candidate. They could now make posters and start campaigning, telling their peers why they are the best candidate for the job. 

These posters are located in the very front of freshman hall. The whole wall is decorated with these colorful posters. From tag lines to funny little jingles, they are sure to make you smile. Some people opt for the professional look by coming up with well thought out paragraphs and pictures, but others go for a comedic approach. Their posters have silly slogans and pictures of them dressed up or with some sort of funny face and pose. Nonetheless, all of these posters are very well done and really show the personality of each candidate.

All of this leads up to the day the speeches are delivered, and then it is up to the freshman student body to decide the candidates fate. A google form is sent out and students are able to select who they think is the best fit. The results drop this Friday (10/13) afternoon, so freshman, fire up your computers and vote!