Love on Tour 2022

I’ve been Daydreaming of this night.

Avery Rudicel, Design Editor

If you know me then you know that I am an avid fan of Harry Styles. I’ve been a fan since the beginning of One Direction and am still a fan of all members. I recently got the incredible opportunity to see Harry in concert and it was one of the best nights of my life.

 I went to his Austin, Texas night five show on October 2nd at the Moody Center. As I arrived at the venue it was filled with incredible energy, bright smiles, and of course boas. Walking around all I heard was people bonding over Harry’s iconic outfits or songs. I have never been in such a welcoming atmosphere. I met people from all different states all gathered to see our shared favorite artist. 

It may sound strange that this moment meant so much to me, but Harry is one of the few constants in my life. His music, whether in the band or not, has always been there to comfort me and many others. At this moment I saw the joy that he brings to so many people’s lives. There wasn’t one person in that room thinking about their life struggles. As I quickly found my seat, I realized that this moment that I have waited so long for is finally here. I was singing and dancing with those around me when the opening act The Gabriels came out. The lead vocalist, Jacob Lusk, came out in this giant coat and tuxedo. The band performed their top hit songs and they sounded terrific. The crowd’s anxiety filled the Moody Center as The Gabriels exited and the last minutes of waiting began.

The fans preoccupied themselves with Harry Styles cardboard cutouts and doing the wave. There were some celebrities that came to watch the show as well. Beto O’Rourke, a candidate for Governor of Texas, was there, as well as Jared Padalecki and Brittany Tomlinson also known as Brittany Broski. The moment eventually came when Harry’s band walked out on stage and the crowd went crazy. Harry rose from under the stage as his introduction to the song Daydreaming began. I have never smiled as big as I did at this moment. I sang and danced as the concert continued. He played most of his songs from his new album Harry’s House, and some of his past album songs like Sign of the Times, Watermelon Sugar, and Kiwi. He also added What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction and one of his unreleased songs Medicine

Nothing could’ve prepared me for the amount of fun this night held. Harry’s stage presence is amazing. He interacts with the fans’ signs and keeps his energy throughout the whole show. Even while running around the stage constantly he still sounded like his amazing album recordings. The concert finished with the high-energy performance of Kiwi, as Harry said his last goodbyes and he ran off stage. The wait was worth it and my expectations of the night were surpassed. 

While Harry Styles tickets can be expensive, I highly recommend going. The whole experience was so fun. Not only was the concert amazing, but I also got to meet other fans. Also, it gave me an excuse to dress up with sparkles and boas. I also got to sing and dance all night in a joy-filled atmosphere.