What’s New In The Theater?

Big new additions to enhance the school theater.


Trevor Obershaw

Senior Mathias Glickley standing by the new theater seats.

Trevor Obershaw, Reporter

Get ready for Saint Thomas Aquinas’ musical for this year, Freaky Friday! The production is put on by the students and is directed by Kim Spillman who is in charge of the theater program. The theater itself has seen some dramatic changes to update and enhance the watching experience. New theater seats were installed to replace the old run down ones. Many of the rickety seats would not extend and retract correctly and not to mention they were quite noisy! These new seats are clean, sleek, and work as intended. In addition to the seats, there is a new main stage curtain. The old curtain was worn and hard to open and close. This curtain is a fantastic look and is like a door to a world of imagination. The stage crew has also been hard at work to fix and clean up our theater sound system. They have painstakingly tested every cord and mic to set everything up correctly for the best sound quality and functionality. With these changes, Freaky Friday is sure to look and sound perfect. Come out to see and hear these new changes and watch these wonderful performers do what they do best!