The Most Wonderful Bucket List of the Year

Things you need to do this Christmas to make a lifetime of memories!


Elesia Guerra

Christmas decorations and hot chocolate bring a holiday glow!

Elesia Guerra, Editor-in-Chief

With Christmas approaching very quickly, there are many festive activities to take part in. You probably won’t be able to do all of them, so to help you prioritize, listed below is a Christmas bucket list with the top things that you should do this holiday season. 


Bake Christmas Cookies 

Whether they are homemade or the Pillsbury Christmas tree cookies, Christmas cookies are festive treats to bake and eat around the holidays. The best types of seasonal cookies are sugar cookies and gingerbread. With those types of cookies, you can make different shapes like gingerbread men, candy canes, trees, snowflakes, wreaths, stockings, and bells. Baking Christmas cookies can be a merrymaking event with friends and families. These cookies can be eaten for your own enjoyment or given to those that are special to you as you make them with love.


Watch Christmas Movies

After you make Christmas cookies, you can enjoy them as you watch a Christmas movie. Christmas movies can provide solace and bring joy to families throughout the holidays. They express themes of love, hope, redemption, goodwill, and faith. Some Christmas movies that you should make sure to watch are How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Home Alone, White Christmas, The Polar Express, and It’s a Wonderful Life. Make sure to watch Christmas movies as they can instantly boost your mood and bring some festive cheer!


Build Gingerbread Houses

Building gingerbread houses is a tradition that can form deep bonds. It is a time to let your imagination and creative thoughts free. Regardless of making the gingerbread dough from scratch or buying it pre-made, you are still able to make a unique gingerbread house that can create so many memories. Candies that are perfect for decorating your house are candy canes, peppermint candy, gumdrops, marshmallows, pretzels, and licorice. With the candy, you can make Christmas lights, windows, wreaths, and a walkway. Turn on some Christmas songs and jam out as you build your houses. 


Decorate for Christmas

A way to create a joyful atmosphere surrounding your home is by decorating for Christmas. Decorating the outside of your house is a must for the Christmas season, even if it is just putting up lights. Setting up the inflatable Christmas characters is an added bonus.  It brings a sense of joy within your neighborhood that brings the community closer together. The decorations inside the house include the Christmas tree, stockings, wreaths, garland, snow globes, and holiday scented candles. A special part of decorating is looking through all the ornaments that are from your childhood, whether you made them or not. Along with decorating is being able to look at everyone else’s decorations. 


Look at Christmas lights

One of the best things about Christmas is all the Christmas lights hung up on most houses and buildings. There is no set place to look at all the festive lights. They can be seen in many different neighborhoods or at the Plaza, so you can either drive around or walk around at the Plaza. If you can’t go all out in creating a Christmas display in front of your house, then you can go with friends and family to look at other people’s light displays. Make hot chocolate or buy it from Starbucks, turn on the Christmas tunes, and view the spirit of Christmas all around.