Top Ten Grammy 2023 Outfits

This year’s Grammys looks ranked! Who wore your favorite outfit?

Avery Rudicel, Design Editor


It’s red carpet season, the time of the year when all celebrities gather to win awards for various accomplishments! The best part of these shows is seeing what everyone is wearing. Fashion is important to culture today and what someone wears can affect how people see them. The Grammy Awards were on February 5, 2023. These are my favorite outfits from the Grammys 2023!

1. Adele

Adele wore my favorite outfit of the night! She wore a maroon-red dress from Louis Vuitton. It had an accent shoulder piece that made the dress pop. I liked this dress because it wasn’t over the top but it wasn’t boring either. Many people wear simple everyday suits and I think that for the Grammys they need to do more. I thought Adele’s dress was the perfect mixture of simple yet stunning. She even opted to wear the same dress all night, whereas most people change multiple times.

2. Doja Cat

Doja Cat was in an all-latex, black, Versace dress. With the dress, she had matching latex gloves. I thought this look was beautiful. She did change later in the night but I think this dress was perfect for the red carpet. Doja is known for her amazing outfits and I think this look proves that.

3. Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is one of the interviewers for E! News. She had a detailed dress made by Kim Kassas. It resembled Eygptian drawings on the front and it had a snakeskin texture. I thought this dress was one of the more unique ones this year! This dress paired with her makeup and gold jewelry was gorgeous. Laverne had on one of the most creative outfits compared to many of the more known celebrities at the Grammys.

4. Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile wore a black suit detailed with black rhinestones down the sides. She paired this with a bright pink shirt and a thin black tie. This outfit was by Versace, and it did not disappoint! The pop of color with the black stones added a perfect touch to make this outfit stand out.

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was in a matching set by Roberto Cavalli. It was a dark midnight blue color and had stones all over it. With her new album “Midnights” out, she purposely replicated a night sky on this dress. Taylor had on matching earrings with her hair in an updo. This look was simple and elegant, which represents Taylor well!

6. Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow was in an Ernest W. Baker suit that was a beige color. He had a sweater vest underneath and black leather gloves. While this suit was kind of boring I think it was one of the better male outfits at the Grammys this year. Many guys went for the basic black suit but Jack went for a more outstanding choice and I’m here for it. 

7. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was in a navy dress with rhinestone fringe draping from it. This dress was made by Gucci and was one of the more extravagant looks of the night. I ranked this one lower because while the dress is stunning I think it’s a little too much. I think she could’ve gone simpler. Jennifer has always been known for her outgoing outfits but I think since she was just announcing she could’ve toned it down. She still looked fantastic though!

8. Anitta

Anitta was in an all-black Versace dress. It had this intricate pattern on the front and the skirt was ruffled. Like Adele’s, I think this was a good mixture of simple but not boring. This dress looked amazing on the red carpet and in all of her photos!

9. Cardi B

Cardi B was in an electric blue dress by Gaurav Gupta. It had a head and shoulder piece that shaped the outfit. She wore a slicked-back bun that paired beautifully with the headpiece. This was another one of my favorites of the night because of how unique it was. 

10. Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy wore an all-black suit by Saint Laurent. I don’t like when people show up in regular suits, but he made it work. His black suit mixed with the black sunglasses created this simple sleek look. He also had a brooch on that added a nice sparkle to the outfit. It was a very simple look but I think it was perfect!