Customer Pet Peeves and Customer Favorites from a Grocery Store Cashier

What do cashiers like about grocery stores?


Ashley Bendorf

Hen House employees pose for a quick selfie!

Ashley Bendorf, Reporter

The average family goes to the grocery store once a week and typically buys similar items. I would know: I’m a cashier at Hen House. I have worked at Hen House for almost two years and I have grown in appreciation for cashiers and grocery store workers. There are a lot of factors that go into being a cashier such as remembering various produce codes, knowing where products are, and dealing with annoying customers. In this article, I will discuss my biggest pet peeves and my favorite things about being a cashier.

*Disclaimer: these are all exaggerated statements, don’t take them too seriously*


#1: Not understanding the Hen House card

Today, nearly every store has some sort of rewards system. At Hen House, the rewards system is simply a way to get the sale prices and points to earn free salads, pies, and more. During a transaction, the first question the cashier asks is, “Do you have a rewards card?”. Customers can either have a physical copy of the card or a phone number for the cashier to look up. Most customers have a rewards card because, without it, you don’t receive the sales. Here is an example of a common interaction between a customer and cashier:


Cashier: Do you have a rewards card? 

Customer: No.

Cashier: Do you want to sign up for one? It gets you the sale prices and it only takes a minute to sign up.

Customer: No thanks!


Then the cashier continues with the transaction.


Customer: Those grapes were supposed to be on sale. Why aren’t they showing the sale price?


This is a common conversation I have at least once every shift. It is a relatively simple concept. Typically, the customer decides to sign up for a Hen House card and they get the sale price. The whole ordeal could be avoided if they simply listened. 

#2: “Go-Backs”

Sometimes, people decide they don’t want a particular item and give it to the cashier to put away. This is not a big deal at all because at every register there is a small basket for “go-backs” (items that need to be put away). Unfortunately, there are people who decide to just place unwanted items on the displays of gum, or in weird spots that no one would notice. The worst example of this happened in November. My coworker and I noticed two bags of fresh deli meat sitting on top of the display of gum. Gum, obviously, is not refrigerated. Deli meat, in order to keep it fresh, is supposed to be refrigerated. This deli meat had been sitting out for so long that it had to be thrown away. 


#3: Alcohol

The state of Kansas has a law that prohibits minors from selling or even touching alcohol at a grocery store. At Hen House, minors cannot touch the alcohol, scan the alcohol, or even touch the receipt of the transaction. Majority of the store’s cashiers are under eighteen, which makes alcohol a big deal whenever people buy it. Whenever a minor has to scan alcohol, they have to call an adult over to complete the transaction. This is not a big deal, although it might be slightly annoying to the customer if they are in a hurry. One situation that occurred at my store was a “go-back” of alcohol. Someone left a case of Bud Lights in the middle of an aisle. It was around 8pm, so most of the other cashiers had already gone home. My coworker and I were both seventeen and could not put it away. 


Now that I have explained some of my least favorite things about working at a grocery store, you might be wondering what I actually like about customers!

Ashley Bendorf

#1: Organization

One of my favorite types of customers are the ones who place all of their items in categories on the conveyor belt. These customers put refrigerated items together, produce items together, and non-food items together! This makes my job a lot easier and takes away the worry of accidentally squishing things. It really makes my day when people organize their transactions!


#2: Bring your own bags!

Bringing reusable bags from home is a great way to reduce plastic waste and save some money! At Hen House, for every bag you bring, you get 5 cents off of your order. It isn’t much, but every cent counts. These bags also fit a lot more in them which can minimize carrying too much. I would highly recommend bringing reusable bags to the grocery store! 


#3: Showing they care!

I asked my coworkers what they like about customers and I got two responses. Annika Zmijewski, Blue Valley North senior, says that the best thing about customers is “when they put their cart back.” This shows that they respect the store and will take the time to put things back. One of my other coworkers, Zack Russell, says that it is great “when they ask you about your day and actually care about it.” Even if the customer is just trying to be polite, it is still nice. Show some appreciation for your cashiers, they work really hard!


Being a cashier has made me appreciate retail workers and taught me a lot about patience. Even though I complain about my job, I do enjoy my time at Hen House. If you ever want to come visit me, I work at the Hen House on 119th and Roe!