Time to BeSaints!

BeReal: the new social media app that’s taking Saints by storm.


Suzanne Loomis

Junior Suzanne Loomis captures a moment from the Gold Out football game!

Ashley Bendorf, Reporter

Seniors Ashley Bendorf, Stella Kneidel, Trinity Samuelson, and Lauren Braun pose for a BeReal.

Teenagers worldwide have become enamored with BeReal, the latest social media craze. BeReal is an app that promotes being “real” on social media. Typically, social media posts are staged or are the highlights of a person’s day. BeReal is all about sharing the everyday mundane pieces of one’s day.

The app was created by Alexis Barreyat, a former employee of GoPro. It gained popularity in January of 2022 after college students began using it. It has almost 22 million users and is still rapidly on the rise. It was even a subject of international news recently when the BeReal came out shortly after the new British prime minister was elected. Millions of people shared a similar view of the news worldwide. The idea of global unity is an appealing factor to users.

According to BeReal’s website, every day at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a Photo in 2 Minutes. The app takes a photo of the person and what they are doing. If the person shares their BeReal late, their “friends” get a notification informing them. The purpose of BeReal is to be real, and if you’re late, you’re fake. One of the main appeals of BeReal is the lack of statistics. Users cannot view the number of followers others have or even previous BeReals they’ve taken. People can’t get famous on BeReal. It is supposed to be a much more intimate collection of people viewing the Users must accept each follow request and have the ability to decline. Senior, Avery Rudicel, says her favorite part about BeReal is when it comes out at school. It’s super fun seeing everyone posing and capturing a part of their day together. BeReals can be a comfort to those who fear they aren’t social enough because they can see other people hanging out at home. BeReal is a great way to capture small moments of everyday life with memories that could slip away in the chaos of the day.