Spiders, Butterflies, and Heights, Oh My!

Irrational fears plague all of us, but what makes the Saints itch?


Sean McCann

Spiders are noted as one of the most common fears.

Leah Tarwater, Reporter


Some people are afraid of birds, bugs, or germs, while others stress over needles, heights, or a million tiny little holes. Senior Ashley Bendorf is also afraid of spiders. She wonders why they have so many legs, why they have so many eyes, and whose business is it for them to be hanging so nonchalantly from the ceilings?

Personally, one of my irrational fears has to do with something I encounter every day: walking up to a car. Walking in front or behind a vehicle that is already on with a trusted driver in the front seat does not scare me, because I know there is someone in control. However, it is when the car is idle and off that makes me nervous. Strange, I know, but it gets weirder. The root of this fright comes from an odd belief that the car will start rolling, as if it has a mind of its own, and run me over. This panic is doubled when I am in the garage, usually getting out of the car, and except, for some inexplicable reason, my car will flash its lights and roll backward to squash me between it and the garage door. 

Here’s a poll to discover what scares the Saints the most:

What is your most irrational fear?


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