School is Stressful, and That’s Okay

But who should you turn to for advice when you need it?

School is Stressful, and Thats Okay

Ally Sarver, Reporter

A new school year is always exciting and fun, but starting off the new school year can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are starting a new school. Most everybody in high school will agree that at one point or another, they feel stuck in a place where they don’t quite know what to do. Everyone seeks out encouragement from their peers, parents, and siblings, but one place students don’t often look to is teachers. Teachers have been through it all and know more about stress than some students might think. Here is some advice that helped teachers get through tough times that might just be what you need to hear.

Mr. Rost is the Freshman class moderator and a history teacher for juniors, as well as a baseball coach. When asked for the best piece of advice he has ever received, Mr. Rost said, “You can’t worry about what other people are thinking about you because you can’t control it. Not everyone will like you. We all wanted to be liked and accepted, and you can’t control that. You can control how you act and how you react to situations.” When going through anything, especially high school, this is an important mindset to keep. Everyone strives to be liked and wanted by others, but you can never please everyone. Do what you can and make the most of what you have, but don’t focus too much on what is out of control.

Another well-admired teacher at Aquinas is Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown is a very positive, wise teacher here at Aquinas, and gives his students great advice every single day. He uses “wingmen” in his class to encourage students to keep an eye out for one another and support everyone in times of trouble. When asked about the importance of wingmen, Mr. Brown said “The meaning of life is found in selflessness. The only time a husband is truly a good husband is when he is looking out for his wife. So the only way to be a good human is to look out for other humans.” Whenever you are feeling upset about something, try to find someone to lean on and help; it’s what humans are for. The best piece of advice Mr. Brown ever receives is three simple words: “time and patience.” Everything requires time; with a little patience, problems will resolve.

The next time you feel a bit down and are looking for some advice, don’t dismiss the wisdom of your teachers. They are always looking for what is best for you and your health, so take advantage of their wisdom!


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