Advice From Seniors!

Words of wisdom from the seniors!


Seniors (pictured as juniors) unexpectedly win Spring Olympics due to class participation!

Avery Rudicel, Design Editor

The end of the semester is near and seniors are closing out their time at Saint Thomas Aquinas. As they reflect over the past four years, they have advice for underclassmen. These are the regrets seniors have and what underclassmen can do to avoid them.

Many seniors regret not getting their technology and speech credits done during their freshman and sophomore years. They end up taking other classes such as foods for a nice break in the day, but end up stuck with taking these credits as upperclassmen. It is so much easier to take DCA and speech freshman year versus waiting and being a senior in a class full of freshmen. Get those credits done early to take fun classes as a senior!

Another regret seniors have is not fully participating. When it comes to sporting events, Homecoming week, and Spring Olympics, it can be intimidating to go full out, but you will regret not participating. Get involved by dressing to the themes of the games and chanting with the crowd. It makes games so much more fun if you are invested! During Homecoming week sign up to help decorate the hallway or to be in the skit. These times with your class are memories you will never forget. Participate in Spring Olympics! Even if you don’t sign up to be in a game, cheer for your class. They put in work to practice and represent your class so the least everyone could do is cheer them on. You don’t want to be a senior looking back at your time at Aquinas and regretting not participating, so do it while you can!

Seniors also regret not joining clubs early. Clubs are a great way to get involved at Aquinas whether you are involved in another activity or not. Key Club is one of the most popular clubs because it allows you to get service hours done in creative ways with your friends. Getting involved in clubs early gives you the opportunity to be a part of leadership in the club as an upperclassman. Clubs can provide new friendships and new information that you may not know. You also don’t have to worry about missing a meeting outside of school since they are during STA period! 

Last, just have fun! School can be stressful so take advantage of these opportunities to help lessen the pressure. Make the most out of your time here at Aquinas. The four years go by fast and you don’t want to regret something later!