Birthday Freebies: Fib or Fact?

Treat yourself to something free on your special day!

Hanna Ephrem, Reporter

Have you ever wondered which birthday freebie is a fib or fact? In today’s world, people can say almost anything and society would still believe it. Recently, there have been several rumors surfacing the internet over what items you can get for free on your birthday. At first, this seems like a deal, but could these companies be lying to us? This article will make you aware of what birthday freebies are real and which ones you should avoid. 

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Crumbl Cookies: Crumbl is one of the best dessert spots in KC and I am glad to say that you CAN get a free cookie on your birthday from Crumbl. The flavor options at Crumbl Cookies change weekly, so you are bound to find a flavor you will enjoy! Some of my personal favorites include the Oreo and Lucky Charms cookie.

Dunkin Donuts: I advise that you save yourself from the embarrassment I went through on my seventeenth birthday when I asked Dunkin Donuts for a free dozen donuts. I can confirm that this is, in fact, a fib. Although this birthday freebie does not exist and the employees laughed at me, they gave me free donuts anyways. So maybe try it after all!




Nothing Bundt Cakes: I am excited to announce that you can get a free bundtini from Nothing Bundt Cakes on your birthday! Bundtinis are mini/one person bundt cakes that make for the perfect birthday treat. I can not wait to try this freebie on my next birthday.





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Starbucks: If, and only if, you are a rewards member at Starbucks you can claim a free complimentary drink on your birthday. Be sure to sign up now if you are like me and think that Starbucks is a little pricey.


Hawaiian Bros: I work at Hawaiian Bros and am here to share that if you join the rewards program at you get a free dole whip as well as $10 on your birthday This can cover drinks, sides, and even a meal. The best part is that it does not expire after your birthday, so there is no rush!

Krispy Kreme: Unlike Dunkin, Krispy Kreme offers a dozen free glazed donuts for your birthday that you can attain at any day during your birthday month! Do not miss out on a dozen free donuts. 

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In addition to these options, I would like to mention that almost every store, restaurant, and company offers some type of birthday gift as part of their rewards program. Whether that be Sephora, B&B Theaters, Bristol, or Baskin Robbins, there is sure to be something for you on your birthday. I hope you find this list to be helpful for your upcoming birthday plans!