Seniors In Style!

Seniors take on the Homecoming week outfit themes!


Elesia Guerra

Seniors Taylor Reboulet, Marie Thomas, Emma Keenan, and Lauren Cunningham dressed up as the Teletubbies for movie character day!

Elesia Guerra, Editor-in-Chief

The senior class went all out this year in making their Homecoming week outfits exhibit the spirit that they have as an Aquinas Saint. The Homecoming week themes for the outfits were Soccer Mom vs. BBQ Dad, Wacky Wednesday, Movie Characters, and Class Shirts.  Below is a collection of the seniors that were seen simply best dressed for how much effort they put into their outfits and on theme they were. 

Soccer Mom vs. BBQ Dad

On the first day of the outfit themes, the seniors started off strong. The soccer mom look included people being dressed up in puffer vests, sweatpants, long sleeve shirts, and visors. The bbq dad outfits were put together with cooking aprons, button-up shirts, baggy khaki shorts, and sunglasses. Many seniors, like Julia Balino and Alex Wright, made sure to bring accessories that made their outfit stand out like adding in a cooking spatula or tape measure. It seemed that numerous girls even chose to switch it up by dressing as a bbq dad and some boys dressed as soccer moms. 


Wacky Wednesday

These seniors put the wacky in Wednesday. Dressing unusually, the seniors mixed some of their wackiest clothing items together. There were fun graphic shirts put together with colorful, random pants. One of the more wacky outfits, that went with the theme perfectly, was senior Ally Sarver wearing a Saint James Academy school uniform. Seniors also added in more uncommon hairstyles with senior Sophia Meyer wearing pigtails to augment to her already wacky outfit of suspenders and mixed pattern of clothing items. For usually dressing more put together in uniforms, the seniors knew how to wear and style unconventional attire. 

Movie Characters

Thursday consisted of dressing up as movie characters. Seniors put together elaborate ideas, whether they dressed up with friends or were solo. Students put in the extra effort by making costumes or just having specific details about their characters. Seniors Trevor Obershaw and Mathias Glickley added a twist to the theme by dressing up as each other. The seniors enjoyed a day to dress up with friends and be characters that they liked. 

Seniors ended the week by wearing their stranger things class shirts. The whole week was one that the seniors savored and did not take for granted. Their outfits were planned in advance and were seen with creativity because they wanted to amplify their school spirit. They truly embraced the moment by staying present and actively participating in their last Homecoming week.