Don’t Cut Me Off

Don’t be caught driving like a fool in the parking lot.

Trevor Obershaw, Reporter

Have you ever been cut off leaving school? I think many of us have been or at least witnessed someone getting cut off in the parking lot. You might think it is extremely rude, but maybe these people don’t know that they are doing something wrong. Lucky for you, I am here to tell you what you can do to right the wrong. There is a little thing I like to call the zipper method and the three leaf clover rule.

On a zipper there are teeth that follow a one after the other pattern. If any teeth are not in this pattern it causes them to butt heads and fail to zip. This is exactly like turning at any T intersection in the parking lot. At a T intersection, there is a line of cars turning and a line of cars continuing forward motion. Like a zipper, one car turns to join the forward motion, and then the car already in forward motion can proceed. To put it in simple terms, wait for one car to go before you go. Please take turns. 

If you are at a three way intersection it’s just a little different. I call this the three leaf clover rule. The three pedals are the three lanes that cars are coming from and the stem is where they are all trying to merge into. After the first car merges into the stem, it doesn’t matter if the person on the left or right merges next, it just matters that the direction chosen is followed. For example, if the second person to go is on the right, the circle of motion is always to the right. To put it in simple terms, as soon as you get to the three way intersection wait for two cars to go before you go. Please take turns.

These are the two rules you must follow to ensure continuous and efficient motion in the parking lot. Always use your head and be kind to people. Please, do not cut anyone off and if you are ever in doubt, remember, zipper and a three leaf clover!