Five Study Tips to Improve Your Habits!

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Ashley Bendorf

Senior Ally Sarver hard at work!

Ashley Bendorf, Reporter

Handwriting notes is proven to help you remember things! (Ashley Bendorf)

There are many different ways to study. Quizlet, note cards, and review videos are all common ways students can review for tests. With the rise of online studying resources, note cards are seeming to be irrelevant. Some teachers assign the task of creating flashcards for homework. For some students, this is a great way to prepare for tests, but for others, it’s another mindless chore to put off until the last minute. 

Theoretically, all of the ways to study should make it easy for students to do well on tests. But unfortunately, many students ignore these tools and forgo studying. Here are five tips on how to utilize these tools and start studying for your tests!

  1. Find a good place to study!

It is recommended that you study at a desk, but you can study anywhere! Going to Starbucks with friends or sitting outside (if weather permits) are also great places! Try to avoid doing your homework or studying in your bed because your bed needs to only be for sleeping. By doing other activities in your bed, your brain won’t be able to fall asleep when it’s time to go to bed. 

     2. Listen to music or white noise! 

Listening to non-distracting music while studying can be a great way to focus on homework. Finding a classical music playlist or lo-fi beats to study to is also helpful. If you listen on your phone, you’ll be less likely to be on it! 

     3. Prioritize!

It depends on the person, but prioritizing what you have to do can help make homework and studying less overwhelming. Starting with the difficult tests can make the rest of the night easier! 

    4. Reward yourself!

Rewarding yourself with a snack or breaks are a great way to motivate yourself to finish your homework and studying. After finishing each assignment, find a small way to treat yourself. You deserve it!

   5. Take breaks!

For every 40 minutes you work and study, take a 10 minute break. It gives your brain time to relax in between assignments. If you are studying and cram everything in for an hour, it is more likely that you will forget what you’ve learned. 

Although it’s easier said than done, don’t stress about tests! Ask for help from teachers and friends! These tests are important, but don’t dwell on them too much. Learning how YOU study is crucial to your future success. If you can’t study now, you won’t magically know how to in college. Figure out your study habits now, or your future self will regret it!

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